Safety @ Sutterby

Safety is no accident, it does not just grow or blossom without hard work and strong and constant focus of everyone involved.

Safety must become a culture through positive reinforcement and ongoing training and application – again safety is work.

It is our aim to recognize change when it happens before the hazard becomes a risk and deal with it through proper and thorough assessment and the early implementation of mitigating measures.

We recognize, we are all in this together and it is our responsibility not somebody else’s.

Safety the Foundation


As a responsible business and commercial electrical contractor, we have heavily invested in our systems and take pride in our people’s solid approach to safety. We know that safety is the responsibility of every individual staff member.

To ensure your and our safety we are committed to the recognition of hazards and the mitigating of risks through:

  • implementation of any available and relevant SWMS
  • conducting of a JSA prior to the start of any works no matter how minor the task
  • ongoing monitoring of circumstances as the work progresses
  • good communication with others
  • reassessing and mitigation of new risks
  • conducting of a ‘Take 5’ to deal with new situations
  • no live working
  • no live testing as a preferred option when other testing is possible

At Sutterby Electrical working safe is a condition of employment. Safety is an essential part of our training, not just for apprentices but for our entire team.

We endeavor to, not only keep ourselves safe in every situation but to complete our work in a manner that ensures the ongoing safety of our colleagues, clients, students, and residents.

Exceeding Safety Standards 

Ebix Trades Monitor accredited to AS4801

External accredited

Over the years we have developed and integrated systems to ensure that we comply with or exceed Australian Standards, like AS 4801. Our systems are monitored and audited continuously, to ensure they are compliant with current legislation, rules, standards and codes of practice.

We invest in training our employees in WHS issues and encourage additional external training at all times. No job will be started without the appropriate documentation in place. This includes the site risk assessment or JSA.

Our employees know the importance of continuous risk evaluation and document relevant changes as they occur. In this way, we have a real chance to provide a safe workplace for everyone.

Safework SA Gold Award goes to Sutterby Electrical

Our team entered the National Safe Work Month competition, and designed a safety meeting around “healthy eating leads to a healthy mind” to create mental health awareness. The success was not only in our meeting but we got notified by Safework SA that we actually won the competition for small business alongside Ikea who won for large business. We are thrilled and proud to have made a contribution to safety that has caught the eye of the world around us. Thanks team what a success.

We have awarded Sutterby Electrical for 2020 & 2021 as a Trusted Partner for the following:

  • Consistently maintaining a performance above 95% 99% 99%
  • Our Safety maturity rating is 97% 97% 97%