When you are in need of electrical maintenance, repairs, installation and more, you can trust our team at Sutterby Electrical. We offer three decades of expertise and experience in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential services.

Thanks to our experienced staff we get the job done right the first time. Our commitment is to providing quality services, that are delivered safely and cost effective.

We are also committed to developing the next generation of electricians through ongoing training of apprentices.

I invite you to keep reading to learn more about who we are, what we stand for and what we can do for you.  

Karl Beer

Karl Beer


“I stand firmly behind our mission and the goals we have set out to achieve. We need to stay flexible and explore all new opportunities as they arise under the ever-changing demands of our time.”


Our Team  

The Sutterby Electrical name is built on the hard work and the commitment to safety and quality by our team.

We total 23 – 27 staff most time and have room to expand further.

Our friendly office staff are experts in customer service, client satisfaction and extend themselves to keeping the company on target.

Accounts and payroll are conducted in house to ensure prompt payment of your account and timely payment of entitlements to all staff.

Safety is a cornerstone of our operations and is taken care of by our in-house engineer who is also responsible for our external accreditation.

Your quotes are handled by our electrical estimator who ensures that your all needs will be met and the project is delivered on time. 

The 8 -12 electricians that we employ are trained professionals and highly skilled at their work. Each one capable of handling the demands of the job and all your queries.

It’s for this reason we know that we can entrust them with the next generation of electricians: our apprentices. 

Each of our 8 – 12 apprentices works alongside one of our electricians to gain in depth experience combined with best practice training, advice, and supportive guidance.

We further offer work-experience to interested individuals that consider taking up the trade.


Supporting and training apprentices 

We are heavily invested in the future of our industry. 

Becoming an apprentice at Sutterby means starting a rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the industry.

We have an Indigenous Employment Strategy in place to open opportunities for Indigenous Apprentices.

We are proud to support local apprentices through NECA and ATEC. We have teamed up with them and are hiring some of our apprentices through them as we are impressed with the quality and innovative training they are delivering.

Each apprentice is paired with one of our A-class electricians, in order to help them grow and develop leadership for the future.

Safety our Cornerstone

As a responsible business and commercial electrical contractor, we foster a strong safety culture. We have heavily invested in our systems and take pride in our people’s solid approach to safety. We know that safety is the responsibility of every individual staff member. At Sutterby Electrical working safe is a condition of employment. We endeavor to, not only keep ourselves safe, but to complete our work in a manner that ensures the ongoing safety of our colleagues, clients, students, and residents. Our systems are externally Audited to ensure compliance with Standards.


Exceeding Safety Standards 

Ebix Trades Monitor accredited to AS4801

Over the years we have developed and integrated systems to ensure that we comply with or exceed Australian Standards. Our systems are monitored and audited continuously, to ensure we are compliant.

We invest in the ongoing training of our employees in WHS issues. No job will be started without the appropriate documentation in place. This includes the site risk assessment or JSA.

Our employees know the importance of continuous risk evaluation and document relevant changes as they occur. In this way, we have a real chance to provide a safe workplace for everyone.


We believe in a strong community and we support our community by helping the following organizations in their important work.

Supporting the Church to help our Community

By investing in outreaches that touch and help the people that need it most in our community. We have committed to support the Salvation Army, Gateway Church and other community outreaches.

Also supporting overseas missions and God’s work in other Nations

Lighthouse Youth Projects

Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc is a registered charity and volunteer supported not-for-profit organisation sharing a love of riding and living life to the fullest. We strive to help kids at risk of not being amazing, empowering young people for a successful future.

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